Vendors & Artisans

The participation of artisans and vendors with unique and high-quality wares is a vital part of our festival.  The Grand Junction Renaissance Faire tries hard to host a successful event so our vendors and artisans leave happy.

An “early bird” special is offered to vendors that submit their application and fees prior to Octoberr 31, 2019.


Entertainment is an integral part of the Grand Junction Renaissance Faire. We love our entertainers and we are always looking for new individuals or groups that can keep our guests amazed. Please fill out an application or email us at [email protected]


Guilds are groups of people that come to the faire for free because they bring something special or exceptional to our event. Guilds are expected to be a full part of the Ren Faire family. You must have costumes. We want a guild to be able to contribute in some way to the event and here are some things that we are looking for: Courts from the around the world, such as Vikings, Italian, Celtic, Spaniards, and Far Eastern. We are also looking for guilds such as, yeoman of the guard, gentlemen adventurers, towne criers, cooks, jesters, dance groups such as dance macabre, puritans, mongers, mercenaries, and equestrians. We welcome new and creative guild ideas!